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The word is a combination of the two Greek terms: astron (star) and logos (wisdom). Astrology is a system that finds a broader significance in the movement of the planet bodies that refers to human beings and things that take place on Earth. A link between planetary motions and events in a distinct position and how those outcomes blossom at certain times produces psychic readings.

The Origins Of Astrology

The chronicle of observing the stars and planets is possibly as ancient as mankind. Primitively it was viewed in a more matter-of-fact sense- as opposed to times when many people – including serious scientists – accept having feelings of veneration when watching the heavens. Sun and Moon, fixed stars and planets were all key points […]

Psychic Reading Life Themes

Famous psychic, Sylvia Browne, has developed a list of 45 emotions, situations and personality traits that people experience over a lifetime that she wrote about in her books called “life themes.”During the course of a Psychic Reading, she would be able to tell a client what life theme he or she was currently going through. […]