Can A Psychic Reading Assist True Closeness?

Psychic Reading

True involvement, isn’t just corporal lust.  Do you and your partner have the 9 fundamental elements of intimacy in your relationship below?

•    Emotional Connection- The ability to communicate effectively, expressing everything from their goals and aspirations to their fears and regrets. Communication should accept both verbal and non-verbal (hugging, cuddling, touching) expression.

•    Spiritual Connection- a spiritual link between spouses is considered a divine adherence between body and psyche/spirit.

•    Relaxed Informality- Intimacy is not only reserved for lovers, but also our best acquaintances and family.

•   Deep Understanding- we are never afraid to tell those who we are intimate with, how we really feel.

•    Trust- The only way to truly open yourself to the possibility of true love, intimacy, and the ability to heal all past.

•   Familiarity- The intimate couple should feel like they fit perfectly.

•    Vulnerability- Intimacy is about allowing our partner a front row seat to the story of our lives.

•    Shared Empathy- This is a couple’s ability to know each other so well; they almost sense how each other feel.

•    The Need to be Close- The need for a couple to be together and the desire to share as much of their life together as possible.

Do you and your loved one share these nine elements?  If not, you should get a psychic reading.  Why?  You can ask your psychic about your partner’s past, maybe there’s something there that inhibits their ability to be intimate.  Or maybe it’s you.  There may be a memory you are suppressing that could be brought to light by a psychic reading.

Let’s talk about trust for a moment.  You can’t always learn all about your love from an online back round check.  A psychic reading can give you information not readily available by other conventional means. You could find out if you are truly soul mates or if you should be together at all.

Sometimes people get so stuck in their lives, they grow apart from the people they love.  Sometimes giving them a psychic reading will make them realize how love takes nurturing, or what the future holds for their lives without that love.

If the intimacy you are experiencing does not contain the 9 elements, text a psychic today to ensure your love won’t pass into darkness as so many do.

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