Psychic Reading for Young Children

Many people do not get their first Psychic Reading until they are adults in our Western culture. However, in many cultures and in the past, people would use Psychic Reading as a daily way to link their choices with spirit and the universe. Even very young children can benefit from a Psychic Reading, and if toy paper fortune tellers are any indication, are big fans of the process as well!

Your child’s first Psychic Reading can begin before he or she even knows how to speak! in ancient times, astrologers were present at births, and you can have your child’s natal chart done early and hung on the wall. As your child becomes older, help him or her understand that a Psychic Reading can help make choices that are tough, but that he or she is still in control of life.

Go with your child to his or her first Psychic Reading so that you can help the reader explain in terms that your child can understand. Sometimes, bringing the psychic reader to your home for a birthday party is a wonderful way to have a Psychic Reading! Just make sure that other children invited have permission slips filled out by their parents, since this is a highly personal practice that should be planned with family involvement.

Many people notice right away that their children have psychic tendencies of your own. If your child shows interest in performing a Psychic Reading, this is a wonderful opportunity to visit the library for reading. Reading stories about fortune tellers to little kids is a wonderful way to promote reading, and helping them read non-fiction texts to begin learning how to do it themselves is a great way to promote lifelong learning!

For very young children who have already learned simple addition in their early math education, numerology is a simple but effective way to get them started performing a Psychic Reading and practicing their math at the same time! Not only will they be motivated to learn how to perform quick addition and mental math, but later on when they will be learning the Pythagorean Theorem in algebra, they’ll already be familiar with Pythagorean numerology!

Far from being an adults-only activity, a Psychic Reading can be performed for or by someone at any age. The special event can be fun for all your family memebrs!

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  1. Psychic Reading for Young Children…

    Many people do not get their first Psychic Reading until they are adults in our Western culture….

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