Peter Doswell

Peter DoswellPeter Doswell is a leading Psychic & Clairvoyant offering Psychic Reading, Tarot Readings, Text a Psychic, Tarot Lessons, horoscope charts and mediumship reading.

Peter has thousands of clients from all over the globe. He is trusted and respected in his psychic readings and provides accurate and hoest readings to clients.

Peter currently lives in Southampton and still regularly enjoys working in Spiritualist churches across the UK. To date, Peter has connected many thousands of people to the other world delivering messages of love and hope. He has also run development circles of his own and is happy to provide psychic reading tuition and psychic development to anyone who would like to become aware of Spirit.

Some of other services offerd by Peter are

  • Spiritualist Church Medium
  • Psychic Tuition
  • Private Sittings / Home Parties
  • House Cleansing / Negative Energy
  • Absent Healing
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